@raquefortunalima Obrigada pela conversa sobre vinhos naturais que nos influenciou a procura-los!

@e.tafelmeyer Best bread in town.

@tacitacidlaura Siamo usciti per un caffe. Abbiamo preso una bottiglia di vino (arancio)

@projekt.ganzheit Served perfection

@muka.vegancheese Aqui podem encontrar alguns dos melhores vinhos em Portugal e alem fronteiras, café de especialidade, pao de barbela fenomenal e ainda levam um Muka para casa.

@c.ampo Thanks Madame Granel for the recco

@larissa_in.het.nu We ontdekten last minute nog een super leuk pleintje met allemaal leuke eettentjes.

@stellamahler Sometimes, after I did something very courageous, I spoil myself with an extra good coffee at Madame Granel

@els_sirejacob Ondertussen een vree goed bubbels bij Madame Granel

@pujahealing Saturday rituals

@hannamietz Just love their non packaging approach so much!

@mari.a.na Great coffee & great music

@sgoldk Refuel from the first 11.5 miles, fuel for the second 11.5 miles

@schuettelberts_reisen Wir hatten ein sehr nettes Wiedersehen bei Madame Granel. Hier hat sich in den letzten Monaten einiges verandert! Der Unverpackt-Aspekt ist etwas in den Hintergrund geruckt, dafur gibt's hier jetzt Premium-Kaffee und -Wein zu kaufen

@joao_bentez Happy Halloween!

@valeriya_gogunskaya That moment when you go to a cafe wearing socks and sandals and the owner thins it's cool and asks if he can take a picture...

@valeria_gogunskaya Btw the coffee at Madame Granel is LOVE. If you are in Aljezur, don´t miss it! You can also shop in bulk here, get some artisan food, and pastries! Thank you for unexpectedly treating me with a muffin and a galão.

@malissacanezabus Special little fermented treat.

@gabriela_lerner Bliss! Shopping at Madame Granel

@loveluis To go coffee from the best

@merlaid It's coffee o'clock

@aminaz.o.e Spoiling myself with the best of Madame Granel

@thetrashtraveller Today was a little break day from picking up butts. So it was time to check out the zero waste store Madame Granel who makes sure that their products are not only zero waste but also local and organic. Thank you so much for the commitment! And if you want to check out the best coffee in Portugal (it blew our mind) and learn about fair processes from source to roasting - go and try Madame Granel

@designescapeportugal Today's beach picnic stop was the glorious Madame Granel in the village of Aljezur... Diana stands for small, local producers and most of all, quality in her ingredients. Each product is carefully sourced and hand chosen for it´s deliciousness, andddd she not only makes her own bread, but grinds her own grains on site too.

@loveluis Much needed coffee break on our way home from school.

@coffeeinsurrection Super cool wine tasting

@marinhovinhosnaturais Catching waves! Thanks for having us.

@coffeeinsurrection Madame Granel in Aljezur offers organic food, natural wines and specialty coffee roasted by Koyo Speciality Coffees. It was a super nice visit, thanks to the lovely Diane Grossot.

@atreve.te.a.ser.feliz Não consigo resistir ao charme desta loja. Conheci o ano passado e desde então é passagem obrigatória quando estou por aqui. Os donos uma simpatia sempre disponíveis para nos explicar os lotes, cheiros e sabores.

@chefarangoldstein Love this place. Madame Granel that serves the lovely Koyo Speciality Coffees. Sometimes an americano just hits the spot.

@manualcalina My kinda business

@_marisamegan Essa cerveja arrasa! Corram para a Madame Granel e comprem umas. Segundo ela, "é para quando tens fome". Concordo plenamente!

@idofoodpt Gracias por el cafecito

@hannamietz Madame Granel. When in Aljezur..

@wearegettinggreener Madame Granel helping us to buy bulk in Aljezur

@der.vegane.van Madame Granel thanks a lot for your time, the warm bread and all these vibrant ingredients.

@flowersbyaude That wonderful day wouldn't be complete without a stop at Madame Granel...

@dinistrong My favorite store in Aljezur

@piscovdb Good times

@ruedli.redli Die erste gute Flashe in Portugal

@aljezur.life Culinary Weekend Bliss - cake & coffee, yummy!!

@marcos.derick Melhor café da Costa Vicentina.

@lilies_diary Bestes Granola der Welt

@circularwear Madame Granel, o sorriso sustentável de Aljezur

@kitchendates Visitámos finalmente a Madame Granel em Aljezur, e ficámos horas à conversa com a Diane e o Rúben, que fazem um trabalho incrível, com uma grande consciência no que diz respeito ao consumo local e à sustentabilidade.

@bethanarundel Oh hell yeah!

@niko_vinyasa_flow_yoga Day dreaming of living here...

@apatpalma Best bread & vegan cheese ever!

@ababingtonart Thankful for local zero waste organic suppliers to provide my produce models.

@nutrianaesteves Para quem vive aqui é uma sorte. Para quem vem de férias é uma oportunidade.

@piscovdb Don't miss it.

@pipo_naacal_ventura Coffee tasting at Madame Granel. Obrigado pelo convite :))

@dinistrong Thank you Diane and Ruben

@dream_basket Bombinha de mel... just delicious.

@cardo.handmade Buy food not packaging!

@aurobelleibiza Love the concept. No plastic!

@retratosdaldeia Hoje começamos o dia com um pãozinho da Madame Granel em Aljezur. Obrigada pelo mimo

@jessiemaysnider Stopped in to pick up some goods in Aljezur before heading to Lisbon. Kindest people who shared so much good conversation with us and beautiful artisan goods too